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Issue two is all about 3-line haiku only, which must contain a seasonal word or phrase, loosely based on the spirit of Japanese kigo, whether classic/traditional, modern, experimental, or speculative.
Kire, kigo, and the vertical axis of meaning by Alan Summers 


Imaginative or imagined seasonal words or phrases are fine! They don't have to be from any proscribed list of kigo at all. Here The Pan Haiku Review is interested in the spirit of kigo.




You may send ONE previously published 3-line haiku 
with a seasonal reference


ONE previously unpublished 3-line haiku with a seasonal reference. 


The new method for sending haiku will be via the form below, which will be familiar to many poets through our Call of the Page courses. Please note you will only be able to SUBMIT ONCE. So make sure to double-check everything is correct before you submit.




Tuesday, November 7th, 2023



Everything is collated by Call of the Page and a document with the haiku only, and without names and email addresses, will be sent to PHR editor Alan Summers for review.

He will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is climate change killing the haiku?
by Sayumi Take (NikkeiAsia, March 2023)
Etsuya Hirose, a professional haiku poet was quoted:
“. . .try finding a new form of expression or diversity within this reality of warmer days.” They were worried that “diversity in haiku will be lost” and we might not “really empathize with [certain] kigo, [and] that season and emotion.”
Sayumi Take stated:
". . .climate change is seeping into our tradition and culture and irreversibly transforming it.”
As someone who won the first Modern Kigo Contest (judged by Réka Nyitrai & Alan Peat) 
See also:
The 2nd Modern Kigo Project Competition
with judge's comments: (Réka Nyitrai & Alan Peat) 
"Let’s embrace both urban and natural seasonal shifts in social habits, movements, and weather patterns, after all, haiku has gone through many challenges during social upheavals on a global scale before since Masaoka Shiki (October 14, 1867 – September 19, 1902) started coining the word 'haiku' back in the 1890s." Alan Summers, September 2023 




Please enter your submission in the form below. Remember to double-check everything before you hit Submit as you'll only be able to submit once.



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