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Senryu Course

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Start Date: Tuesday 4th February 2020


End Date: Tuesday 31st March 2020


LevelBeginners and improvers of senryu. Most people will come with at least some experience of writing haiku, although there is no reason not to start with senryu first!


Group Sizeup to 5 (3 places available).


In 2017 with the help of our pioneering students we successfully ran our first course dedicated to senryu, and this specialist class is only the second time we are running it. How is a three-line senryu poem different to a three-line haiku poem, in content, style and language? Submitting two draft senryu three times over two months, we'll explore these questions, but also try to find our own "voice" with our senryu.


Assignments with prompts are posted privately online, and feedback is sent by group email. Participants read Alan's feedback on each other's poems as well as on their own senryu, in a shared learning process.


Cost: £95 (approximately US$122)


Early Bird Cost: £88 (approximately US$113) if booking by Tuesday 14th January 2020.



By booking you agree to accept our Terms and Conditions

88.00 GBP

For a place on the online Senryu course starting February 4th 2020. The early bird rate of £88 applies until Tuesday 14th January.



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