Terms and Conditions

When booking onto a Call of the Page workshop, course or event, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Terms and Conditions sound a bit mean sometimes, and are always somewhat controlling. But they are sensible, and clarify our relationship with you.


A place on a course or event is confirmed by full payment in advance (at either the early bird or full rate). We are unable to reserve places without payment. Sorry about that.

Cancellation Policy

We have a simple cancellation policy, in order to keep our admin costs down, and therefore our courses, workshops and events more affordable. 


In the unlikely circumstances that Call of the Page needs to cancel a course or event then the course fee that has been paid to Call of the Page will be refunded in full. Alternatively if preferred the funds can be put towards other Call of the Page bookings.


If you withdraw a booking, there are no cash refunds of places on courses, workshops or events. However, if you let us know at least one full week ahead of the start date that you are going to be unable to attend, then you may book on a later course, workshop or event, for an administration fee of just £15, plus the difference in cost if you are booking on to a more expensive course, workshop or event. If within a week of the start date or event date you have to withdraw, then at our discretion, depending on the nature of the event or course, and our ability to fill the space, we may be able to hold over your funds for using on a later Call of the Page course or event (with the £15 admin fee for rebooking applying), but if it is not possible to fill your space from a waiting list we will be unable to do this. 


Writing at Call of the Page is done in confidentiality. We do not share your work, notes, messages, drafts or personal stories with anyone outside the group you are participating in, except with appointees of Call of the Page where necessary to carry out our work (for instance administration of a course), unless it is with your express written permission. However, we may occasionally ask to use former students' work as examples, but would ask for your permission in writing first.


By taking part, you agree to keep confidential within the group the work and personal stories of your fellow course and workshop participants.


You agree not to share Call of the Page lesson materials outside the group without the written permission of Call of the Page. However, if you wish to use Call of the Page materials at, for instance, a writing group, or in a classroom, you may license materials ahead of use at a small cost, and we may also have materials better suited for your purposes. Please ask at least a week ahead of the date of use.

Submission and Over-Submission

In your course description, and course materials, are clear descriptions of the amount of work to be submitted as part of the course. These have been carefully worked out to ensure value, and fairness in group courses. We want you to be able to make the most of your course, but we do not put extras through for feedback. Thank you for accepting this. However, feedback on extra work can be given via our One-to-One tutoring service as an additional booking. 

Services Privacy Policy

We do not share your contact details with anybody outside Call of the Page. However in the process of taking bookings and delivering the courses, workshops and events, your details may be processed by other organisations whose service we employ - for instance third party bookings or payment software, or embedded software in our website used in the delivery of the services we offer, such as video or teaching tools. These are service providers only who have no rights to use your personal contact details except in directly enabling Call of the Page to deliver its services to you.

Group Privacy Policy

In our group course correspondence we use only participants' given names when addressing the group, unless you request differently. However, if you refer to yourself by your full name in coursework or additional notes, then this will be seen by the other participants.


You may if you wish choose to use a nickname within the group, and should let us know about this preference when booking.


When using group email to operate the courses, individual participants are blind-copied. If as a course participant you wish your classmates to be able to keep in touch with you, you may invite them to do so within the written submission for the last session, and may include your own email or other contact details for this purpose. We ask you to wait to do this until the last session so that the whole group is party to comments of interest until then.

Additional Ts &Cs

Individual courses, workshops and events may have short additional Ts & Cs on the booking pages to clarify commitments and expectations of how they will run. You'll be asked to accept these as you proceed with your booking.

Thank you

Thank you for your consideration, and your interest in Call of the Page. We hope that wasn't too painful and that you will enjoy the rest of our website!

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