One-to-one Tuition with Alan Summers - Overview

Alan Summers is the lead Call of the Page Tutor for haiku; tanka; haibun; senryu; and tanka stories. He is available to give focused and friendly support, advice, and feedback if you are looking for guidance on the following:

  • One-to-one tuition on haiku, haibun, tanka, etc.
  • Submissions to journals, anthologies or contests
  • Manuscripts – various stages


Alan has extensive knowledge and background as a one-to-one tutor, as well as a writers’ group workshop facilitator in both live and online settings, in person, on Skype or Zoom.  Please do ask if you would like Alan to help in any other areas that are not covered here.

We can normally schedule a Skype session within a week, and we also aim to get written feedback to you within a week if you have chosen this form of feedback. At busier times, feedback/Skype may need up to two weeks to be scheduled in, but we are usually quicker.
All feedback by Skype and/or email is given by Alan. Sessions can be booked using the links below.


Alan's Experience: (for a fuller profile, please scroll down the page)

Japan Times award-winning writer Alan Summers has been as an editor for anthologies and journals, specialising in haiku, tanka, haibun and related genres for over two decades. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Haiku Reader anthology series, The Blo͞o Outlier Journal and The Pan Haiku Review.

Booking & Payments

We offer single one hour sessions, double sessions, or flexible three hour sessions of one-to-one feedback. For more details and to book, please click here: Bookings. Then email us with your work, or to request a Skype/Zoom, at


Alternatively drop us a line if you have any questions or would like guidance on what type of session to book. You can contact us here: Contact Us


Alan's Biography

Alan is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet for both haiku and haibun, as well as Best Small Fictions nominated for haibun. He is a Museum of Haiku Literature (Tokyo, Japan) nominated poet, and also a multiple Touchstone Award nominated poet, and winner, for haiku.

He holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University (U.K. 2007-2008), and a Diploma for Creative Writing from the University of Bristol (U.K. 2000-2001). Alan is an essayist, article writer, critic, book reviewer, co-founder and founder of various haikai journals, as well as co-editor of a number of haiku and short verse anthologies. He has been an international competition judge as well, though has stepped down from this as he sees and advises on so many haiku over each year!

Alan has co-founded ground-breaking haiku journals such as Haijinx-haiku with humor (2001), and Bones Journal (2012) for six volumes, and acted as haibun editor for the British Haiku Society’s  Blithe Spirit journal during 2018. He is the founding editor of The Haiku Reader anthology series that started in 2022, and founding editor of Blo͞o Outlier journal (2020 to 2023)  and The Pan Haiku Review (2023 onwards) that rotates its focus of themes around haiku, haibun, senryu and tanka.

He is the former President of the United Haiku & Tanka Society (2017 to 2021), an Editor Emeritus for the multi-award-winning Red Moon anthologies (Red Moon Press, USA) for best haikai literature (2000-2005), and General Secretary of the British Haiku Society (1998-2000). 

Alan’s own work has appeared in highly respected journals in Japan, USA, Canada, UK, India, Australia and New Zealand, and elsewhere internationally, as well as in anthologies including Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac by Kodansha International, Japan, edited by William Higginson back in 1996, and Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years (W. W. Norton 2013) and many more since. He was filmed by NHK Television (Japan) for “ Europe meets Japan - Alan's Haiku Journey” .

Recent Testimonials

You have exceeded yourself with this email and my thank you is huge. It turned everything around for me.

JB (2024)


Thank you for the feedback, Alan. Fantastic, and fantastically helpful.

Sara (2023)

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