Haiku Summer School 2024

We are delighted to be holding our first Zoom-based online Haiku Summer School this year. 


Monday 29th July 2024 to Friday 2nd August 2024


Schedule announced and bookings open!



We're thrilled to announce the schedule for Haiku Summer School 2024,

which will be held on our website and events and on Zoom.


We've split the week into two schedules for different time zones, and of course there's some overlap between the two. If you are dialling in from Australasia or Asia, it should work for your mornings and evenings (but let us know, because time zones can be a bit of a puzzle, and we can reassure you for your particular time zone).


London Time Schedule


Americas Time Schedule




Thank you to those of you who've made advanced bookings. But we can now confirm that over the week there are:


• intro and check-in sessions,

• two prompt sessions with Karen and/or Alison,

• several "where I'm writing from" sessions to meet your co-participants online and showcase what's important to you as a writer.

• and we have very small group 45 minutes workshops with Alan* and you'll be able to book onto two of those.

• in addition, Alan will have 6-minute micro sessions** to welcome you personally.

• a reading-out-loud skills workshop, and an end of week reading you can choose to take part in.


The Wednesday is a self-writing day, but we'll still have check-ins across the day to help you structure your time, and know that you are not writing alone!


* ** You'll be invited to book these sessions at a time that suits you.





Please note this is not an arduous schedule. There's never more than 45 minutes without a break, and the time is very flexible. You can devote your whole week to writing, take lots of rest, or work around some other commitments. It might be helpful to consider it as the equivalent of two to two and a half workshop days over a week. No sessions are compulsory, it's about finding your balance!






On the Friday we have a reading/performance skills workshop, and will put this practice to use with a final group event. For this reason, the schedule runs a little later for Europeans on Friday. Please see the schedule!






Finally, we'll send you off with a little digital goody bag!





             ANY QUESTIONS?


             Ask us at admin@callofthepage.org.


Thank you to those who have encouraged us that this is an event you would like.

We're excited about this first Summer School!

We look forward to seeing some of you there!


Alan, Alison and Karen



The inaugural fee for Haiku Summer School 2024 is £145 (approx US$188).


There's a discounted early bird rate of £135 (approx US$175) that will apply until Monday 22nd July, and is available for advance bookings below.


Our usual Terms and Conditions apply. Thank you so much for booking with us!

Haiku Summer School 2024
135.00 GBP

Haiku Summer School Advance Payment – early bird rate at £135



Q: Is this a conference?

A: No, it's a series of hands on Zoom events, with lots of writing time too, with an aim for improving and enjoying your writing, and adding to your body of work.


Q: Do I have to attend every event? 

A: Not at all. We've aimed for it to be good value if you can attend and access even 40% of the course and its materials. Plus it's our Summer School, so we're somewhat subsidising the cost of putting it on initially.


Q: Will I get to socialise?

A: Yes, but everything is structured so you won't be under pressure to be a great conversationalist. We're especially excited about the "Where I'm Writing From" sessions, which are designed to help you get to know each other and showcase your some of your existing writing.


Q: I'm a complete beginner. Is this suitable?

A: Yes, but we'll have a special introduction for you to let you in gently! Email us at admin@callofthepage.org to let us know you're a beginner.


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