Many thanks to our course participants for the generous feedback we've received. This has been enormously heartening and has encouraged our ambitions to offer even more through Call of the Page.


We update this page as we receive new testimonials, so please do come back soon to see more of the things people have said.  You can also see some of the course-specific feedback on the course description pages which you can get to by clicking on the course titles below. And at the bottom of this page you'll find our 'Blast from the Past' feedback where we feature some of the feedback we've received in earlier years.

General Feedback


You get great in-depth feedback. The courses are well-designed. Alan is very encouraging. My confidence and skills have grown.

Marcie (2023)

One-to-one Tuition


Thank you for the feedback, Alan. Fantastic, and fantastically helpful.

Sara (2023)


Haibun 2x2

I have been learning and practicing haiku and senryu writing for two years with Call of the Page, and this is my third course this semester - and I am having a ball.

Ella (2022)


I began writing haibun by doing this course a little over a year ago. All four pieces (with some revision) that I wrote for these assignments have been accepted, so obviously the course was very helpful for me.

Susan (2022)

Once again, I have really enjoyed this class, for the "tour of the senses" and also for the feedback, not only of my work, but in learning from the other poets.  It's a good meditative practice during a walk.  Thank you all!!
Colette (2022)
I've truly enjoyed this course! I think I see, hear, smell and taste differently now, thinking about these senses differently. And I feel my haiku writing has improved.
Thank you for the feedback!
Lafcadio (2022)

Intermediate Haiku (Longer)


As always, a great course I take regularly that's my key framework for writing haiku, and without which I would be less active and engaged. Thank you Call of the Page team for facilitating my growing skills and learning as a writer. And it's wonderful to read everyone elses poems and creative process, makes a real difference

Ella (2023)
Thank you Alan, for another enlightening course. Much appreciated. Your format which allows us to read and enjoy each other's work and learn from your comments provides a rich experience for us all.
Leslie (2023)
Thank you to Alan, Karen and certainly Alison for your comprehensive analysis of my haiku.  You all make the courses seem personal.  I love the opportunity to challenge my mind with creative prompts.
Pat (2023)
The precision of Alan’s feedback and the way he models how to gather the elements of haiku from the prose explode is marvellous. I’m chock full of learning from just the first read through of his comments…so good..time for a cuppa and a second read!
Tim (2023)
Thank you so much, Alan and Karen and Alison.  The resources and feedback are greatly appreciated.  I have enjoyed reading everyone's work and learned from the feedback.

Colette (2022)


Thank you for this class, Alan. I appreciate how much time all the detailed feedback must take.

I enjoyed reading everyone's poems. It really helped to see how others create and shape their haiku.

Debbie (2022)


Thank you for an excellent class with stimulating prompts. I enjoyed reading everyone's work throughout this course.

Leslie (2022)

Intermediate Haiku (Shorter)

Wonderful course as always!

Ella (2022)

Alan, Karen and Alison-Thank you again for another wonderful haiku trip! 
Pat (2022)
It's been lovely reading your haiku. Our leader's commentary has been excellent.  What a privilege it is to have an online venue where one can learn about haiku in an intelligent setting. 
Laurie (2022)
I would like to say I've enjoyed the course very much and have got a lot from Alan's feed-back and the feedback given to the class.
Cathryn (2022)
I enjoyed reading everyone's haiku and feedback - very helpful!
Ruth (2022)

Introducing... Haiku


It has been a wonderful experience for me.  The teaching has been exquisite!

Edie (2023)


I really enjoyed being in this course with all of you.

JL (2023)


Hello haijins,It's been a pleasure to share our haiku journey together. I'll be looking forward to reading your poems again in the future.

Wendy (2023)


Thank you to everyone for being willing to share this journey. I feel that it is the start of something new for me and I know that there is still plenty to learn.
I have appreciated everyone's willingness to share their own feedback and as a result I have been able to learn far more than if I had just had my own work reviewed.

Ian (2022)


Very enjoyable course! I loved reading everyone's haiku. Alan and Karen's comments and suggestions were very useful.
Ruth (2022)

One-line Haiku


I am thankful to have been privileged to read everyone's work and to also to peek in and see some of your process. It is helpful to see how others go about creating their poems. Thanks to Alison for reminding me about a missed due date, to Karen for the wonderful prompts, and Alan for all the helpful comments he has made regarding my poems. This has been a wonderful experience and I intend in the future to take the shahai course.

Anette (2023)


I have enjoyed being in this class with so many talented poets.
Not only is it fun to see so many styles and read Alan's feedback but also I learn much as I try to to look at each poem from various perspectives. The true joy of reading and re-reading.​

Margaret (2023)


Thank you to all my classmates on the course. It has been a pleasure to read your work....
And of course thank you to Alison, Karen and Alan... I've really enjoyed the course and it's kept my brain ticking!
Sam (2023)

I have really enjoyed this class and I loved the work, and learned a lot from each participant ! ( As well as from you, Alan!) I definitely have a better grasp on reading and writing one line haiku.  Thank you all and much luck in your writing endeavors!!!

Colette (2023)


This has been an amazing opportunity to learn from all of you and to share and enjoy your poems; always a different perspective which I seriously value. Thank you! Alan your essays are marvels which I have kept to reread!

Lynne (2023)


Thank you Alan, Karen and Alison for running an absolutely fascinating course. I have frequently been outside my comfort zone, but it has all been worthwhile thanks to Alan’s incisive and encouraging feedback. I have also really enjoyed reading all the excellent contributions from my fellow poets. Many thanks for sharing your poems and life experiences.

Perhaps most of all, I have learnt to appreciate how difficult it is to compose a good one-line haiku which has increased my admiration and respect for those very talented poets who regularly produce monoku of a high standard. I am so looking forward to reading the inaugural issue of the Pan Haiku Review!

Nick (2023)

Passion of Haibun


This has been an eye opening class for me and I have really been riveted by your work.  Thank you for sharing this experience!  And of course thank you Alan and Karen for your amazing presence, even so far away across the pond!  I have learned a great deal in a short time.

Colette (2023)


I've enjoyed reading everyone's haibun and seeing the different approaches we've taken. I look forward to re-reading them in print!

Debbie (2023)


Loved this course! I already want to get to the next one, feeling like I just started to get somewhere. The prompts were wonderful, made me think about different situations. It was great reading everyone's stories and tasting different styles, and Alan's feedback is priceless as usual.

Ella (2023)


My poetry has improved immensely with your assistance.

Jim (2023)


Thank you all for reading. It is truly one of the most memorable days of my life, because I finally started to comprehend.

Kati (2023)


You all write so well. I have learnt a great deal from your work.,,,.,I've loved this course and the one line haiku one too Thanks!

Tim (2023)


Shahai - Words in a Landscape


Dear Karen, Alison and Alan,
Wonderful to see the gallery - thank you for the effort of creating an 'exhibition space' for each of the artists, it makes a difference.
And special thanks to Alan, your poem crafting mentoring for us all really stayed with me. Looking at the gallery, the reworked poems bring much more meaning to the shahai as a whole.
Ella (2023)


Thank you for all your [Alan R] feedback on my photos for this class. I have a lot to learn but now I'm a little less intimidated with using a DSLR camera. Your comments and suggestions have been much appreciated!
Debbie  (2022)

Thanks for a wonderful course, as usual, it was stimulating and enlightening. 

Leslie (2022)


I enjoyed the course very much!...Thanks to both Alans and everyone else for a great course!  

Eve (2022)

Thanks for this course and all your fine feedback, Alan. I love Senryu. Thanks to my fellow poets for sharing your work. I learned something from everyone!

Leslie (2022)

Tanka Online

Thank you Alan, Karen, and Alison for another great class! I've been learning so much over the last year.
Debbie (2023)

Thanks Alan, for your in depth comments which educate us every time!  It is a pleasure to be one of your students. Until next time, many thanks.

Leslie (2023)


I very much enjoyed this course and have felt moved and inspired by everyone's poems. It has given me courage to try my hand writing more 'everyday tanka' for myself and I must say - I love the form.

Ella (2022)


Brilliant class. Enjoyed everyone's work

Marcie (2022)


This has been a great class and it has been lovely to have shared all your tanka. 
Best wishes from Sue (2022)


Blast from the Past Feedback


You opened my eyes to the subtlety of haiku, a gift really that has always stayed with me.
Mary (With Words Intermediate Haiku Course Autumn/Fall 2016)

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