Have you got into a habit with the length and shape of your haibun? This course encourages us to think more about the possibilities for both longer and shorter haibun, and the amount and positioning of haibun within them.


What is Haibun? Haibun is a form of writing originating in Japan where prose writing is interspersed with haiku.


Start Date: Thursday 15th February 2024


End Date:  Thursday 20th June 2024


Level:  Advanced. Participants will already have some experience of writing haibun.


Number of Assignments: 6


Group Size:  up to 5 (FULLY BOOKED)


Haibun Length:  The assignments vary in length from the shortest haibun to longer ones, but will average around two-thirds of a page.


Course Description:


At the outset of this course, participants will be encouraged and supported to think about their haibun practice and how they want to move forward as they increase their body of work. Over the course, there will be six assignments, with a choice of templates each time, encouraging experimentation within different boundaries of length and shape. There will be tutor feedback on each assignment. As with most Call of the Page courses, assignments and tutor feedback will be shared out in a single document to participants, in order to learn from each other's work as well as their own. 


Participants will be supported in thinking about and choosing their own haibun subjects, but short prompts will also be offered for inspiration.


Cost: £320.00 (approx US$402)


Early Bird Cost: £300.00 (approx US$377) if booked by end of  31st January 2024


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The Shape of Haibun
300.00 GBP

The Shape of Haibun Course Starting 15th February 2024. The early bird rate of £300 expires end of 31st January 2024.


Course FAQs


Do the poem elements need to be three-line haiku, or can they also be one-line, or tanka?


Yes, any of these poems are fine to include, and there will be room for them in the templates.


Do the haibun have to be non-fiction?


Haibun most often are, but you are welcome to experiment and write fiction here too.


Instead of the prose section(s) of haibun, can I write freefrom poetry instead?


Yes, we have had students write in this way before, with "long" poetry where the prose would normally be, and then punctuated with haibun.

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