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Like all good writing, good haiku come from observations across all the senses...






Course:              Haiku – across the senses


Start Date:       22nd August 2024


End Date:        28th November 2024


Format:             Asynchronous - written work and assignment links, working in

                            your own time, and submitting through the Call of the Page



Level:                Pre-Intermediate, or a reboot for experienced haiku writers.


Lead Tutor:                           Alan Summers


Prompts & Exercises:         Karen Hoy


Admin:                                  Alison Clayton-Smith


No. of Assignments and Feedback: 5


Group Size:     up to 6  (3 spaces left)


Course Description


This course provides a stepping point between Introducing... Haiku and the Intermediate Haiku classes, but is also a good reboot for anyone wanting to remind themselves to use all of the senses over their haiku writing. The well-eyed are so often drawn to the visual. Haiku is a craft of observation, but we also observe through our ears, noses, and through touching and tasting.


Over five sessions, one of each of the five senses will dominate the assignment briefings. There will be a written exercise each time exploring the "sense of the session" and then using your exercise observation notes as a starting point, you'll be invited to submit two haiku. There'll be written feedback on your exercise, and on your haiku, in a joint document so that classmates benefit from a shared learning experience.


Cost: £225 (approximately US$284)


Early Bird Rate: £215 (approximately US$271) if booked by end of 7th August 2024


What our students have said about this course....

I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s haiku and thank you for sharing the journey. It has been enriching and I have learned a lot.
Thank you too, Alan, for your constructive and encouraging critique.
Olive (2023)
Once again, I have really enjoyed this class, for the "tour of the senses" and also for the feedback, not only of my work, but in learning from the other poets.  It's a good meditative practice during a walk.  Thank you all!!
Colette (2022 - 2nd time on the course)

I've truly enjoyed this course! I think I see, hear, smell and taste differently now, thinking about these senses differently. And I feel my haiku writing has improved.
Thank you for the feedback!
Lafcadio (2022)

Course Booking Open

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Haiku – Across the Senses
215.00 GBP

A place on the Haiku – Across The Senses course starting 22nd August 2024

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