This is a written class, but we also do a Zoom version. Season Two is available in Zoom format here.

Timeless Arts Haiku & Tanka Season One (Written)

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Start Date:                  Tuesday 28th September


End Date:                    Tuesday 2nd november 2021


Format:                       Written assignments, working in your own time.


Level:                           A little haiku or tanka knowledge helps; otherwise, all levels.


No. of Assignments: 4


Group Size:                up to 6


Course description:


For each assignment you are invited to respond to two pieces of art in prose notes, and then write a poem for each (they can be haiku and/or tanka). You'll receive feedback from tutor Alan Summers on your poems, which will be shared in a joint document for the whole class.


By the end of the course you should have eight poems created in response to eight different works of art over the four sesssions. We hope you will have enjoyed basking in some art or artists you already know, but will also have discovered something new but equally classic in its own way.


Please note the schedule of this class is different to our usual written courses, with new prompts set weekly rather than waiting until after the tutor's feedback.

The Prompts:


There is almost always a painting prompt, and the second prompt each session will come from across the arts in a broad sense, including photography, crafts, and even literature.


The prompts are to be taken at face value (as this is not an 'instructional' course, it assumes a basic knowledge of haiku or tanka to start with) but there are some carefully chosen informational links for you to 'explore' background to each of the visually presented prompts 'more'.


The Tone of this ClassIt's a bit sumptuous.


Full cost: £148.00 (approx US$205)



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Timeless Arts Season One (Written)
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A place on the course Timeless Arts Season One (Written version).




Do I need to be available at a particular time?


No, this course is run asynchronously, with weekly due dates for each written assignment.


How soon will we get the feedback?


The written feedback document will be sent maximum one week after the weekly submission date.


Do I give feedback to the rest of the class on their work?


We always invite classmates to send messages of support to each other with the final assignments, but unless otherwise specified, the resources of Call of the Page courses go into giving as much individual expert feedback as possible from the tutor rather than facilitating a comments board. In this regard we are unable to compete with the many peer feedback sites run generously by volunteers. We realise this is different to how many courses operate, but it enables us to keep classes small and individual attention high! It also reduces the expectation of time that our students need to put in to each course, as they are not expected to write feedback for others, but to still enjoy and learn from each other's work and the tutor's comments.

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