Autumn/Fall Courses

Scheduling of our autumn/fall course offerings for 2020 is almost complete. The following courses have now been scheduled:


Intermediate Haiku (3 session course) starting Thursday 15th October 2020.



Haibun 2 x 2 (2 double sessions) starting Monday 19th October 2020.

After feedback from writers (thank you!), this is now a course for shorter haibun, averaging just 200 words. THIS COURSE IS NOW SOLD OUT




The first writers on Writing Through It (see more below and here) have now completed the run of assignments, and we're looking to start another run of this course, which is still so relevant to everything we have all been going through with the pandemic. The course can be started at any time, but starting within the next couple of weeks means that it can be completed by the end of the year (you can book the course here). We then hope to run another batch in early 2021, ending in the Spring when we all hope very much that writers on the series will be able to tell their stories of improving times in the world.


We're finding this a hugely socially useful project, with some powerful, moving, and insightful writing being created. There is a real sense of these short pieces being testimonies of our times. If you would like to take part but are unable to because of finances, please contact us about a subsidised or outreach place. 




We personally had some wonderful times on this series of Zoom workshops, getting away from the world of Coronavirus troubles by immersing ourselves along with the participants in some timeless art in major online galleries. And then creating haiku or tanka poems in response to the art that the group admired or found intriguing gave a really fulfilling sense of purpose to the workshops. Not least of course, it was wonderful to share each other's company whilst lockdowns continued. These sessions are now completed, but we will be starting Timeless Arts - a similar run of Zoom workshops - on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of November and December. Booking for these will open shortly, which will complete our course offerings until the end of 2020.




Aside from the above courses for autumn, Alan Summers continues to be available for individual one to one students via email and/or video call. Please contact us for further info, but in the meantime, you can see prices and a basic description of how the one to one sessions operate on our 'special payments' booking page here


Covid-19 Response

All businesses must have been affected in one way or another by the Covid crisis. While we were able to keep working on our internet provisions uninterrupted, you can read about how Call of the Page responded to the Covid crisis below. We've had heart-warming responses to how these courses have helped people, and look forward to announcing the continuation of plans shortly. Please keep staying as safe as you can.




In response to Covid-19 and how that is affecting us all, we modified our plans at Call of the Page. We began one project that faces the coronavirus pandemic head on, and one that aims to provide some company, comfort and escapism. 




Several people have already started with us on a thirteen week course of mixed mostly Japanese forms, called "Writing Through It" with a weekly assignment to help generate important records of lives in these moments. We have people on week 3, 2, and 1, with more joining as time progresses. The course can be joined at any time, and the prompts encourage you to go back to the beginning of how Covid-19 has affected all our lives, and then continue to keep a record of these times. Some outreach places are available.


TIMELESS ART: haiku and tanka video workshops.


With so much self-isolation (ourselves included), we have brought forward plans for face-to-face virtual group workshops. Fortnightly, we are running online video conference workshops, centred on a different art gallery around the world. Part of the workshop fees are going to the galleries, to help in some part with their loss of real-life visitors. 




Our usual course offerings will be rescheduled shortly.




Call of the Page in a usual year has two or three outreach projects, mostly behind the scenes. We are upping this, and with your help can up it further, as we would very much like people who would benefit from our activities to be able to take part during the pandemic. Please sign up to our newsletter for updates.




We look forward to weathering out this storm, however long, in the company of your writing.


In the meantime, our thanks go out to all the essential services who are keeping us fed, and those in or supporting the medical and care services.


May the world get well soon.


Karen and Alan

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