Masters of Japanese Prints: Haiku

What uplifting news for World Poetry Day this past weekend: The online exhibition in which many of our visitors took part is now online at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery here


Thanks to everyone who took part by sending a poem. There's lots to see with the Museum's chosen poems against the artworks. Sit comfortably and enjoy...


Many thanks to those of you who have written in to us about the exhibition, we'll answer them all!


Alan and Karen


Covid-19 Response



In response to Covid-19 and how that is affecting us all, we have modified our plans at Call of the Page. 




This week (as soon as possible) we will start a thirteen week course of mixed mostly Japanese forms, with a weekly assignment to help generate important records of lives in these moments. You will have the option of leaving your work in a “story bank” for the times.




With so much self-isolation (ourselves included), we are bringing forward plans for face-to-face virtual group workshops. Fortnightly, starting in two weeks time, we will run online video conference workshops, centred on a different art gallery around the world. Part of the workshop fee will be donated to the galleries, to help in some part with their loss of real-life visitors. We will start with the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Northern Italy, where the Coronavirus tragedy is currently at its most destructive. Start times will be around 10am EST, which currently equals 2pm UK time. It will be a treat to see your faces!




All previously scheduled courses starting in April are running.




Call of the Page in a usual year has two or three outreach projects, mostly behind the scenes. We are upping this, and with your help can up it further, as we would very much like people who would benefit from our activities to be able to take part during the pandemic. 


We will write up more details in the coming days, and look forward to weathering out this storm, however long, in the company of your writing.

Blossom Therapy, Baydons Meadow, Wiltshire (Karen Hoy/Call of the Page).


In the meantime, our thanks go out to all the essential services who are keeping us fed, and those in or supporting the medical services.  


May the world get well soon.        


Alan and Karen                                        

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