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Intermediate Haiku Course

Start Date: Thursday 5th April 2018


LevelIntermediate haiku writers; haiku improvers; beginners at haiku who are otherwise experienced in creative writing.


Group Size:  3 to 4


This is our longest running course, and is now in its sixth year, formerly known as simply our Haiku Group Online Course. It is suitable for those with some experience of either creative writing or haiku already, as it is quite advanced and technical. Participants submit two haiku poems three times over the course (total 6 poems over two months) and may also add a couple of rewrite poems for final comments during that time. The course operates by email, with participants reading Alan's commentary on each others' poems as well as their own in a group learning process.


The course ends with an optional 20-minute phone or Skype chat with Alan to answer any outstanding questions about haiku in general or the student's work.


Full Cost: £85 (approximately US$120)


Early Bird Rate: £75 (approximately US$106) if booking by Thursday March 29th 2018. UPDATE - we still have one or two places on this course, and have extended the early bird rate to April 4th.


Apart from the cost savings of booking early, please note, our class sizes are small and often fill out a day or so before the early bird rate closes. Thank you!


Intermediate Haiku Course Booking

By booking you agree to accept our Terms and Conditions. Thank you!

Intermediate Haiku Course - Early Bird Rate
75.00 GBP

Intermediate Haiku Course starting Thursday 5th April 2018. EXTENDED EARLY BIRD RATE
The early bird rate expires on April 4th.


Intermediate Haiku Course FAQs

Q: How do I know if I am ready for an intermediate course?


A: If you're not sure, email us a bit about yourself and we can suggest the best option for you. We can also arrange for you to have a free phone or Skype chat with Alan to discuss further.


Q: I've done this course before, and it used to be three poems per submission. Why has it changed to two poems?


A: We found that Alan was regularly going way over time with his in-depth feedback, and felt that people would prefer to have two poems with feedback in detail rather than three poems more rushed. Also, although haiku is short, it can be intense, with lots of rewrites to prepare a submission, and we hope that without the pressure of a third poem participants will be able to concentrate more fully on the two they are submitting each time. We're happy to have feedback on this though!


As a nod to the smaller submission size, we have slightly reduced the cost of the intermediate haiku course from its intended 2017 prices. (And the cost of the newer senryu course has also been reduced). Please note that due to the fall in strength of the pound against the US dollar following the Brexit vote in 2016, the apparent further reduction is also due to the current exchange rate.

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