Tanka - Shape and Sound

New Course! following on from The Sound of Haiku earlier this year.


Start Date: Tuesday 6th August 2019 (rolling enrolment through to Friday 9th August).


End Date: Tuesday 22nd October 2019


Level: This is an advanced course, suitable for those who already have at least a small body of work of tanka.


No. of Assignments and Feedback: 4


Group Size: up to 4 One place remaining!


Course Description: In this advanced course, we explore how elements of sound – like rhythm, pitch, key, and choice of consonant and vowel sounds – affect the success of tanka, whether they are read out loud, or heard in our minds as we read silently from the page. We also touch on the “shape” of tanka, and how the line lengths affect rhythm.


Over four sessions (rather than the usual three) we will look at these elements. For two of the assignments we will use “signature poems” from our existing body of work in order to understand how elements of sound have contributed to their success. For two of the assignments we will create a new tanka poem. Work is submitted by voice as well as in writing, through a “Sound Booth” on the Call of the Page website.


Technical sound analysis includes visuals of soundwaves, from former sound recordist and consultant Karen Hoy. Optional short overall feedback on the new writing work is included from writing tutor Alan Summers.


Please note that tablets might not be suitable for this course, due to the secondary software used for recording on the website. So to get the full effect of the course, you will need a desktop computer or laptop.


Please also note that while this course makes references to music as we study the sound aspects of tanka, it does not include any elements of setting tanka to music. But we do look at the musicality of language as it is written and spoken. Thank you!


The following is an introductory rate for this new course.


Cost: £155


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Tanka - Shape and Sound
155.00 GBP

A place on the Tanka - Shape and Sound course starting 6th August 2019.


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