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If you wish to book a single, double, or flexible three hour session of one-to-one feedback, please use the buttons below. We can normally schedule a Skype session within a week, and we also aim to get written feedback to you within a week if you have chosen this form of feedback. At busier times, feedback/Skype may need up to two weeks to be scheduled in, but we are usually quicker. 


We are still setting up our more comprehensive one-to-one pages, so do email us in the meantime if you would like further info about how the one-to-ones work.


If you are already familiar with how we work, then feel free to book below, and email us with your work, or to request a Skype.


Feedback by Skype or email is given by lead tutor Alan Summers.


Thank you for your interest!

Special Payment
32.00 GBP

Special Payment for One Hour of One-to-One Tuition. (A one-hour Skype or a single session of written feedback).

One-to-One Tuition
Special Payment
40.00 GBP

Special Payment for One and a Quarter Hours of One-to-One Tuition - for when an hour isn't quite enough! (A single Skype or a single session of written feedback).

One-to-One Tuition
Special Payment
64.00 GBP

Special Payment for Two Hours of One-to-One Tuition. (2 x 1hr Skype, 1 x 2hr Skype, or one or two sessions of written feedback totalling 2 hours). The two hour button may also be used to top up flexible time if you have an account with us (see 3 hr booking below).

One-to-One Tuition
Special Payment
96.00 GBP

Special Payment for Three Hours of One-to-One Tuition. This is totally flexible, down to ten or fifteen minutes at a time, allowing a running discussion about your work. You will be invited to let us set up an account for you to keep track of minutes used by Skype and/or email.

One-to-One Tuition

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