The Fine Pursuit of Haiku




Course title:     The Fine Pursuit of Haiku


Format:            Six fortnightly ninety minute Zoom workshops.


Level:                Advanced/Master. 


Dates:               Monday 10th May to Monday 12th July 2021.

(Note: this class was originally scheduled to start Monday 3rd May)


Times:             4 pm to 5.30 pm London time 

                          = 11 am to 12.30 pm New York/Toronto 

                          = 8 am to 9.30 am Vancouver/Los Angeles


This series of six Zoom workshops runs fortnightly from Monday 10th May, and is a chance for up to four poets, who are likely to have already been published, or might have completed two or more of our haiku classes, to concentrate uncompromisingly on their next work in the spirit of "pursuit of excellence". 


There will be no prompts for these workshops. You are simply invited to bring two haiku or senryu from your ongoing work to the first session. For the subsequent sessions you can also opt to bring rewrites for refinements.


There will be tutor-led analysis and feedback (with Alan Summers), with the ability to ask questions about your own and others' haiku. The aim is to fully focus on each participant's work and its development over the sessions. Feedback also includes advice for participants who wish to submit their work to literary journals.


We're keeping to a maximum of four people, to ensure a really productive balance of sharing of work, and individual attention. Thank you for your interest!


Number of Sessions: 6


Class Size:  up to 4  One Place Remaining


Cost: £201 (approximately US$280)


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The Fine Pursuit of Haiku
201.00 GBP

A place on the course The Fine Pursuit of Haiku starting May 10th 2021.


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