Haiku: A Taste of the Pursuit


Workshop title:     Haiku: A Taste of the Pursuit


Format:                   A single 1 hour 40 minute Zoom workshop.


Level:                      Mixed (generally intermediate, but beginners welcome for this one



Dates:                     Saturday 18th September 2021.


Times:        ​            = 9.10 am to 10.50 am Chicago      

                                = 10.10 am to 11.50 am  New York/Toronto  

                                =  3.10 pm to 4.50 pm  London 

                                = 10.10 pm to 11.50 pm Singapore/Perth


Purpose:               A taster session for our six-session "pursuit" classes - or just sign up

                               for some hanging out with haiku!


For this 'taster' workshop, participants are invited to bring along a single haiku poem.


Registrants will be sent a link half an hour before the session start, so it will be near the top of  your inbox!


There will be feedback from tutor Alan Summers, with time to ask questions about your poem, and some brief discussion about it with classmates. The maximum size for this workshop is twelve attendees - larger than our usual workshops, but Karen will be on hand to clockwatch and make sure everybody's haiku gets its share of attention!


Number of Sessions: 1


Class Size:  up to 12    


Cost: £22 (approximately US$31)



By booking you agree to accept our Terms and Conditions. Thank you!

Haiku: A Taste of the Pursuit
22.00 GBP

A place on the Zoom-based workshop Haiku: A Taste of the Pursuit, Saturday 18th September 2021, at 3.10 pm London Time (see course description above for some international times).


A Taste of the Pursuit FAQs


The Pursuit class I wish to join is full - is it worth me doing this taster workshop?


We will be repeating the classes in the winter term, starting in January, so you will be able to book these soon. But please let us know if a class you'd like to join is marked as full. We often find ourselves doubling up on a course where there are enough people, which is fairly often, as we keep our course attendant numbers quite small to allow for lots of individual attention.


I've already booked a Pursuit class, but I'd also quite like to attend this one, can I book?


Yes, come along and use it as a warm-up!


Can I just book the class, bring along my poem, get some feedback, and enjoy the company of haiku writers, for the fun of it?


Please do. There is no expectation or pressure to book a further course. We are also aware that the longer classes are a significant time and cost commitment, and so we would love you to take advantage of this more affordable 'taster' for its own sake.


I'd like to do this, but the Zoom session is too long for me.


We have many participants with chronic, eg post-viral, conditions, who are unable to commit to extended workshop times. If this applies to you, let us know, and we can discretely arrange for your feedback to happen early in the session so that you can leave when you need to.


I'm a complete beginner, and worried about bringing along a haiku.


Let us know if you are a newbie to haiku, and we can send you a short exercise to help you get going. Also it's totally okay to bring a very 'rough' draft. Sometimes you learn more that way! We also run a written class called Introducing... Haiku. This would be a good introduction before taking a longer Zoom 'Pursuit' class. But beginners are very welcome at this 'taster' session.


Why does the workshop start at ten past the hour?


We find it helpful, and we think others do too, to be "ready" on the hour, but to have some time for everyone to come through to the Zoom waiting room and then all be let in at once. The workshop will also end promptly, leaving people free for their next commitments!


I would like to sponsor someone to join this taster - is that possible?


Yes, Call of the Page's own outreach will be donating one space (at our personal donation; prices are not increased to allow for outreach) and we are occasionally enabled to offer places through generous supporters who have enjoyed our courses themselves and kindly wish to spread the opportunities. You are invited to nominate someone for the place you are funding; otherwise we often have people in mind, or who get in touch, who would benefit. Thank you.

We hope these FAQs have been helpful. Please contact us if you have any other Qs!

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